Tinder is a great social app. It has changed the world of dating in many ways. But it has never been seen as a great marketing platform. You like someone, you swipe right. If they swipe right too, you are matched, and you start chatting; and maybe end up on a date. Ford Europe thought there could be more to it, and launched its Ford Mustang blind date Tinder campaign. Tinder users could swipe right with the Ford Mustang, and almost automatically got matched with the car.

Mustang Mach-E: Five things to know about Ford’s first all-electric SUV

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The idea of big brands opting to promote products or campaigns on dating apps like delve a little deeper into how the apps’ users respond to marketing and advertising. Ford’s partnership with Tinder offered app users a date in a Mustang.

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An attractive blonde driver and a Mustang GT helped Ford to prank unsuspecting men

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Proximity Germany’s brilliant print advertising campaign ‘Highs and Lows’ for Panasonic is this week’s Ad of the Week, chosen by The Drum Creative.

The Mach-E debuts a suite of new technologies for Ford, most notably a new interior setup that features a vertical The infotainment system debuts Ford’s next-generation SYNC infotainment system that includes a customizable area that can learn a driver’s preferences and make personalized suggestions, according to officials. Hackett said the Mach-E will feature a new, hands-free driver-assist system that is expected to compete with Tesla’s Autopilot and Cadillac’s Super Cruise systems.

The company, he said, plans to activate the driver-assist system through an over-the-air update. He declined to provide timing for the system update. Top performance models of the Mustang Mach-E will achieve 0 to 60 mph in the midsecond range with an estimated horsepower and lb. Other models are expected to have 0 to 60 mph times around six seconds. The range of the all-electric vehicle, depending on the model, is expected to achieve between roughly miles and more than miles on a full charge.

The Mach-E will be available with a standard

Ford Mustang Speed Dating Video

By David Gianatasio. Persson, a leading stunt car driver, was hired by the automaker for a prank video from Team Detroit and production house The Work. The guys in the clip, all aspiring actors, believe they’re auditioning for a new dating show starring Persson, and are unaware of her skills behind the wheel. After meeting in a bistro for supposed “chemistry checks,” Persson takes each for a spin in her red Mustang GT, which is fitted with hidden cameras, naturally.

At first, the dudes act all macho.

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We’re amazed at the misconceptions ahoof about those early classic Mustangs; those classified ads worded “For Sale Mustang. Truth is, there has never been a ’64 Mustang, ever. And honestly, whom are you kidding? Not much and yet everything. From 50 feet away, they look the same; close up, they host quite a number of differences.

Early ’65 Mustangs have the distinction of being the first block of Ponies ever produced. They were an integral part of the Mustang madness that swept the world in When the Mustang entered production early in March , it didn’t have many of the refinements it would have later on; call it a reskinned Falcon with bucket seats. These are features exclusive to Mustangs built between early March and July 31, scheduled build date code only.

America’s favorite fun g ’66

You’ll find all our Ford Mustang reviews right here. Our reviews offer detailed analysis of the Mustang’s features, design, practicality, fuel consumption, engine and transmission, safety, ownership and what it’s like to drive. The most recent reviews sit up the top of the page, but if you’re looking for an older model year or shopping for a used car, scroll down to find Ford Mustang dating back as far as Or, if you just want to read the latest news about the Ford Mustang, you’ll find it all here.

Cars · Wealth · Dating · Travel · Subscribe Mustang tattoos capture an iconic vision of American masculinity. Realistic Mustang Coupe Mens Sports Car Thigh Tattoo Designs AN AFFILIATE ADVERTISING PROGRAM DESIGNED TO PROVIDE A MEANS FOR SITES TO EARN ADVERTISING FEES.

Having sold over 10 million models and remaining immune to the overall decline in sports coupe and convertible sales in the UK, this tried-and-true classic car just keeps driving on. In , the original concept for the Ford Mustang was revealed. It was pitched by the then-general manager of Ford, Lee Iacocca, as a fun-to-drive compact car. The mid-engine two-seater roadster earned its name in reference to the P Mustang fighter plane from the Second World War.

In the sixties, Ford designers pitched the Ford Falcon to Iacocca, a new model with a high-mounted grill and a long-sweeping hood. The inside of the vehicles was considerably different, however, with the Mustang offering lower positioned seats and a lower ride height. By , car customizing company, Shelby American, entered the fray, producing a higher-powered version of the popular mobile.

To differentiate from the pony cars of yesteryear, the Mustang II offered a longer Hatchback model. It also marked the — albeit short — end of the Mustang Convertible, with no Second Generation Mustangs coming with the option of driving with your roof down. Due to declining numbers, Ford introduced special-edition Second Generation Mustangs such as the Cobra II in a bid to keep the car current. To try to avoid this, the Third Generation was unveiled.

Luckily, the Third-Generation was much more successful.

An attractive blonde driver and a Mustang GT helped Ford to prank unsuspecting men

Subscriber Account active since. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, pinks hearts, red roses, and boxes of chocolate are everywhere. So Ford decided to join the fun with three-minutes of smoking tires and confused men in a commercial titled “Speed Dating. The premise is pretty simple: Take a group of unsuspecting guys, put them each in a fast car with a pretty blonde and let the fun begin.

Ford Mustang “Speed Dating Prank” – Source: Eng “It’s exactly the same joke in these two viral “hidden camera” ads. It’s about a.

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Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 Is A Silent 8-Second EV Drag Racer

It was introduced in as the basis of a major redesign of Fender’s student models, the Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic. It was produced until and reissued in In the s, the Mustang attained cult status largely as a result of its use by a number of alternative rock bands. Early examples are generally seen as the most collectible of all the short-scale Fender guitars.

The Mustang features two single-coil pickups , an unusual pickup switching configuration, and a unique vibrato system. It was originally available in two scale lengths 24 or

The profile read: “It’s the date you’ve been waiting for – Ford Mustang branded profiles were interacted with by m users of the dating app.

Forget what you know about speed dating, blind dates and even first dates. If you’re into cars , or even if you’re not, Ford just raised the bar with this new Valentine’s Day inspired video to celebrate the Mustang GT. In the hilarious video, professional stunt driver Prestin Persson meets several unsuspecting men in a Dallas coffee shop for a blind ‘first date’, before offering them a ride home. Playing up to dumb blonde stereotypes, Prestin initially makes out as though she’s nervous about driving the big car, before taking her passengers into a deserted car park for some serious high speed fun!

By the end, one even looks like he might be crying. You have to watch this Like this? You’ll love How to buy a new car the GH way How to save on car servicing costs More car reviews and driving tips. Type keyword s to search.

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One Ford stunt driver took her unsuspecting blind dates on a wild spin in her mustang.

By Ray Massey for the Daily Mail. Strait-laced Ford raised eyebrows in Britain this week by climbing into bed with dating website Tinder to boost sales of its sporty new Mustang. Clearly keen to attract younger customers, the usually conservative company used Tinder apps to find five couples to go on a blind date with its new U. The global dating website claims to make 26 million matches daily — from people seeking genuine, long-term relationships to those just after a casual fling.

Talking point: Ford has teamed up with Tinder apps to find five couples to go on a blind date with its new Mustang. Tinder’s critics deplore the cattle market nature of its selection process, with participants swiping right on their smartphones to give the thumbs-up or left to reject. This approach makes Ford’s link a high-risk proposition for a firm so protective of its reputation. But the car firm said it attracted more than 1.

Ford Australia – Introducing the 2018 Ford Mustang